Couples Massage Class!

Learn to help each other de-stress!

You will learn:

  • How to massage your partner without getting tired.
  • Learn techniques that support offering different degrees of pressure.
  • Differences between lotions and oils and aromatherapy.
  • Develop sense awareness to make informed decisions for techniques.
  • With massage practice often people find both in giving and receiving, a deeper ability to relax and feel peaceful.

How to schedule: You can book the intro class online.  For the full 12 hour hour class call or Email & confirm the dates of class that you are booking and then purchase the class.

Next Class Details

Class is scheduled like an appointment.  We teach one 12 hour class per month.  As we can offer intro classes we do.

The next intro classes are:

Introduction Class at the Cedars House (click the date to book)

Saturday August 17 at 10 AM - 1 PM

Wednesday September 11 at  5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Saturday October 5 10 AM - 1 PM

The full 12 hour class can be scheduled in September or October

Call to Schedule (215) 317 - 2412

Cost: $360 per week for you and your partner.  ($1440 total)

You and Your Partner will both receive an hour massage per class. 

(This is not a group class, one couple per class)

Program Outline

Week 1  

Swedish Techniques

Introduction to Massage using Swedish Massage, you'll learn body mechanics and 7 basic techniques, that are firm but gentle and overall very relaxing for the body.

Week 2 

Deep Tissue Techniques

This class will focus on technique and tips for working deeper muscles in the body and continue to build on relaxation techniques and how to give massage safely, without strain.

Week 3 and 4 

Choose your own adventure you can continue with more Swedish and Deep Tissue Techniques or learn:

Side-Lying Massage

In this class you'll learn techniques specific for lying on your side.  When you change the position of muscles its easier to work on deeper layers of the muscle.  You'll also learn ways of looking at the body to gage where muscles are holding tension.

Massage with Tools

Massage tools can help you have more sustained pressure or have therapeutic effect like adding heat or cold.  In this class you'll learn techniques that make giving massage easier on your own body while being effective with technique.

Myofascial Release

Myofacial Release targets the fascia of the body, the tissue that surrounds all of your organs, joints, and muscles. This layer of the tissue can have a profound effect on the function of the body and freeing this layer, helps free the whole body.

Thai Stretching Massage

This class will go over a traditional thai massage session which combines massage with stretching and breathing. This class is for all levels and stretch abilities.

(We will be kneeling in class, so it may not be suitable for someone with knee injury)

Energy Healing

Learn to sense the subtle layers of the human body and offer relaxation through energy healing.  We'll talk about chakras and  prana and learn techniques to create harmony in the unseen incredible life-force that is you. 

What attendees are saying

"What Jen has given us through her couples massage class is so much more than what we were hoping for. Not only are we learning massage techniques, but we are having conversations that are reshaping the way we view relaxation and self care. The individualized 1:1 instruction is surely very impactful for learning how to massage your partner and I cannot recommend this class enough. Jen creates a safe space that we can fall into every week for relief and bonding. The course is customizable with lots of options to choose from. Jen is highly trained in her craft, very perceptive, and a joy to be around."

What to expect with this in-person class

The in-person class is scheduled like an appointment. 
Bring a partner to learn with!  It can be a relationship partner, family member or friend. 
This class is 12 hours total taught in 4 three hour modules.

Each week you and your partner both receive a one hour massage and learn how to do massage.
We supply everything you need for the class.
Cost $360 per week ($1440 total)