Reiki, Magnified Healing, Theta Healing, Pranic Healing

Learn the differences, have an experience, feel more peaceful, healing more quickly

What is energy healing?

When I speak of energy healing I am referencing the subtle aspects of the human experience that is vibrational. Our energy anatomy includes chakras and meridian lines. In chinese medicine they're called meridian lines and in indian medicine they're called nadis. These are lines of energy in the body that function together. We tend to think of energy as far as "I'm tired" or "I'm energized" "I'm awake" or "I'm sleepy." There are continents of people where energy awareness is built into their history and their society. For those of us that didn't grow up with energy as apart of our culture, learning modalities like reiki, pranic healing, magnified healing can help you understand this aspect of yourself.

In my experience for more than 20 years I've studied and practiced working with the chakras, pranic healing, magnified healing, and I have my reiki masters. I teach magnified healing and energy awareness and self-care.

When I'm doing energy work on other people it may look like my hands are resting on them, it may look like my hands are floating above them. Most often people experience energy healing as a feeling of warmth tingliness occasionally people are more visual and they'll see colors ultimately an overall experience of well-being feeling more rested especially improved sleep is a very common experience with energy healing.

Watch this video for an experience of Energy Healing

Often awareness of energy is subconscious, learning about it, and experiencing techniques that work with the subtle layers of the body can help you awaken awareness to the subtle parts of yourself.  In this video we talk about the subtle layers, do a guided meditation to relax the mind and body and tune into your life force.

What is the difference between Reiki and Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing, & Theta Healing

Reiki, Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing and Theta Healing are all systems of learning, bringing awareness to, and working with the energy body.

Energy, Prana, Lifeforce and Chi are all different ways to talk about your energy body.  There are not different life forces, it's all life force, just different paths for understanding and working with the energy body.


Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui.  Where as pranic healing is more intentional and active reiki is passive in my experience.  Where you let go and allow reiki to flow through you for healing.  Its incredibly relaxing.  There are times that when I'm doing healing work reiki makes me aware of energies that I use Pranic Healing or Magnified Healing to help move it more intentionally.  For example: certain energies are sticky, or prickly like a defense mechanism.. I found shifting techniques to be more impactful when I sense it. Reiki is one of the most popular forms of energy healing and known world wide. I feel like its the "gateway drug" to working with energy healing.  Its an incredible introduction and a great place to start, but as you grow learning other ways of working with energy is important.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing was developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui.  In general my clients won't feel a difference if I'm doing reiki or pranic healing.  The differences are more for the practitioner. It is a process of sweeping or cleansing and charging the energy field. Practicing pranic healing also involves specific protocols, breathing, meditation, salt water, & visualization.  I like this technique because I feel a very distinct feeling when I know it's complete and I've had many shared experiences that were validating on its effectiveness.  If you'd like to experience a meditation within Pranic Healing check out a Twin Hearts Meditation Event.

Magnified Healing

Magnified Healing is an energy healing modality that I integrate into my sessions, and I also teach Phase One. It is a wonderful high dimensional healing technique which brings us beautifully into our hearts, connected to our higher-self feeling whole and at peace. It helps us to clear any lower energy, brings in the ‘higher light’, helping us to connect with our higher selves, our purpose, the universe and the earth. The training is beneficial to healers and beginners alike. No previous experience in healing is required, just a desire to broaden your perspective, connect with your higher self and to build and share your light. One of the things I love about it is that where ever you are at on your journey, the energy of the technique meets you where you are and takes you to the next level, daily! This suits beginners and spiritual seekers alike.


Tapping combines exercises to balance the two hemispheres of the brain with tapping on meridians or acupressure points. It is a powerful tool for stress relief, quiting smoking, losing weight, changing negative beliefs and creating emotional healing. It is especially helpful for anxiety, reducing stress, and creating emotional well-being and balance.

Myths about Energy Healing

Healing doesn't mean your broken.

Sometimes our mind takes on a journey when we are start to realize the subtle layers of ourself.  When we discover something that helps us feel better we can go on a mission to resolve everything as quick as possible.... if we have an underlying "belief of being broken" or "feeling inadequate" we might unknowingly activate these parts of ourself.  Having new awareness and tools to deal with stress does not actually equal - wrongness, brokenness, or this way of being and you can do all the things to improve your life without going down into this mental aberration that "your not enough". You are perfect as you are, and now you have more tools to deal with stress.

Energy Healers don't do the healing for you.

I often want to connect with friends in healing arts and one day a friend said you can't heal me.... and I felt very misunderstood.  I was never trying to do the healing for her.  I was wanting to be active in the techniques and share and connect with her.  You are always responsible for your own healing. If you get a cut your body makes red blood cells, and heals the cut.  Energetically its the same thing.  Adding something external like a bandaid to hold the skin together can assist in the healing and help it heal quicker but the healing is still happening in the body, in your own experience.  Energy healing is similar, meditation, reiki, yoga, healthy food and life choices can assist the healing process and help you live more aligned and balanced within yourself and nature while the healing is an inside job.

Healing Sessions

Reduce Stress

Discover new ways of being

Let go of Limiting Beliefs

Learn a Skill more Quickly

Manifest your goals more quickly. 

Healing Sessions include: 

tapping, energy healing, & hypnotherapy

Appointments in-person or online

Sessions are usually 90 minutes but untimed.  

I ask clients to clear their schedule for at least 3 hours with unplanned time after.

Virtual Yoga & Personal Growth Programs

We have over 100 classes organized in a virtual program format to help with certain goals.  Yoga Programs, Introduction to Tapping, and Tapping Courses for adults and kids, and Energy Healing Classes.

This is for you if:

You need to move more.

You want to learn new ways to deal with stress.

You don't just want to go to someone, you want to learn techniques for personal growth and self-healing.

Virtual Programs are video based classes that you can watch anytime.  For DIY Care at Home you can join a monthly membership and access all programs or join a specific program and get life-time access.